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Abstraction and Affection

love is a rainbow... our colours are parchment, metallic and song

Affection and Abstraction
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A community I cooked up for an experience that I suspect is more common than might be assumed, but is poorly represented on the web: the experience of "humanlike", i.e. similar or identical in emotional nature, love for/intensity of feeling towards abstracts, objects, stories, worlds, places, etc. Ever heard the phrase "to fall in love with a city"? This community is for those people who really do feel, to whatever degree but one that at least has some small bearing on their lives, a genuine romance or platonic love for non-human objects or abstracts that goes beyond the normal experience of "fandom". It's for discussion and sharing of stories, experiences, and our loved things and why we love them, as well as philosophical discussion of the implications of and issues involved with abstract love, theories of how and why it arises, etc. How do we satisfy our need to be "close to" these things, and in what meaningful way can we be close? What is it about abstracts and objects that appeals to us? Does it change the way in which we relate to the humans in our lives, or are the two things entirely separate?

This is not a community for people who are merely "fans of" a certain TV show or model of PC; it is for those people who experience intensity of emotion towards a story, idea or inanimate object that they feel equates to emotional attachment they might feel towards a human. We're the people who take animism to an extreme degree, but one that somehow makes logical or emotional sense to us. It's not, for many of us, about escape from reality or the inability to interact with humans; it's merely part of our emotional and affectional makeup, just as it is for humans to fall in love with other humans.

The emphasis of this community isn't on sexual fetishes, but on emotional relationships. Feel free to post platonic or romantic accounts; topics involving sexuality should be posted behind cuts and only as they relate to your emotional relationship with objects/concepts. Sexual discussion in the abstract will not be censored or discouraged - I'm not a fan of censorship - but I don't want the community to be overrun by object fetishism, which is a far more prevalent and often less emotionally meaningful experience than object/abstract love, so please bear in mind that this is not a sexual fetish community and people should not post explicit imagery or graphic descriptions.

Also, lastly but certainly not leastly, feel free to be silly and irreverent, as long as you're hurting no one - topics needn't always be serious! Just try and keep discussion related to object/abstract affection.

See also the story of the woman who married the Berlin Wall, and the man who fell in love with his Mac.
abstract affection, abstract love, abstracts, animism, intimacy with abstracts, intimacy with fiction, love for concepts, love for fictional worlds, love for objects, love for stories, love of objects, objectum-sexuality, panimism