rauldandrea (rauldandrea) wrote in abstractwarmth,

Ha ha ha - Guess I'm making a Difference :-)

A long time ago, I got moved from my cubicle at work into a two person-sized office with a door... For a little while, I pretended like the whole thing was mine cause I didn't have a neighbor yet... I wrote up near the top of the dry erase board:

"Every Day is an opportunity to create something someone else will Love."

Eventually I had a neighbor. Most of this text was on 'his side' of the (rather big) dry erase board. This new guy was a friend of someone else who already worked there... Eventually, I heard rumblings that the two wanted to share an office, and it made sense cause they worked on similar stuff, so I sent my boss an e-mail (I'm pretty sure) saying "They want to do this and I don't mind moving again"

So well over six months ago (maybe a year?) has gone by since I left that room...

And today the guy I traded places with and I couldn't make something work on my machine cause my Acrobat Reader got messed up apparently during a recent upgrade, so we decided to go try on his computer...

My quote was _STILL THERE_!!!

Who knows how many things have been written to and erased from that board in the meanwhile, but those two guys felt my quote should stay :-)
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