rauldandrea (rauldandrea) wrote in abstractwarmth,

Perhaps we have something in common (My loves and likes)

The subject for which this person created this community is the single most important thing in my life. In fact I came to LJ for this reason (Another LJ community about this, which now seems to have since died off, has really high Google(R) page rank it seems)...

So what I have done over the Last 4 months or so is post all the various things I find attractive in this way to LJ. If there was an existing community that made sense for a given thing, I posted to that one (for example LJ has a 'clocks' community and a 'vintage computer' community). If not, I created one if there was a theme that was sufficiently broad.

Anyway, I set up my LJ 'Memories' page as 'index' to all the things I love in this way on LJ (and there's a small number of 'lesser likes' listed too, but -most of this- is stuff I love in this way)

The neat thing is that the following page is broken down 'by tags' (keywords), so mainly you can just browse the relatively short list of keywords, and click on them for the longer item lists if something sounds interesting...

Here's the link...

Thanks For Looking,
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