rauldandrea (rauldandrea) wrote in abstractwarmth,


I've always been attracted to glass...

We have these two big display cases built into the wall down a very unlikely hallway at work... Nobody every uses them for anything... Just an indint :-) tation in the wall in each case covered by big sliding glass doors...

Must have been Last winter when some programmer drew (with a dry erase marker) a big snowman (might have been female-- in fact I think was now) on one of them, holding a laptop with the screen showing one of our products. I was so sexually attracted to this, I shot pictures after work one night...

I never knew glass could take dry erase marker so beautifully like this...

And two weeks ago, one of our developers left, and people drew on the same huge glass again :-)

Glass is sexy to start with, and drawing on glass with dry erase markers has an appeal all their own :-)
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